How we make it

Our process:

Here at Shoreside Organics we use a low heat hydrolysate process to create an all organic high nutrient squid fertilizer. This process allows us to make a superior fertilizer without any dangerous synthetic additives.

We use the fresh by-product (gurry) from loligo squid after they have been processed for human consumption. This means we use all of the squid. So instead of sending the gurry to landfills we recycle it in a beneficial way.

During the process we OMRI certified potash of potassium. We use naturally occurring enzymes to break down the proteins of the squid into liquid form. To balance the pH levels we use food grade phosphoric acid. Phosphorus is a key nutrient all pants need to thrive.

Once our product has finished going through the whole process we screen it through 140 micron screen to ensure easy application.


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