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Seafreeze Specialties

At Seafreeze, we keep a continual watch on the tide of current trends and upstream opportunities. It’s a strategic level of value-added thinking that helps clients to maximize their offerings and profitability — through timely and innovative solutions for sourcing, marketing and end-product formats.

Seafreeze invites all of our customers to make special requests – even for products we are currently not handling.

Quality. Integrity. Value.


Products Traded / Imported Specialties


  • Mackerel – Atlantic and Pacific
  • Argentine Illex Squid – various sizes
  • Pike Mackerel (Saury)


Seafreeze Production


  • Atlantic Mackerel
  • Illex Squid
  • Boston Squid
  • Atlantic Herring
  • Atlantic Butterfish


Stevedoring: We accomodate orders of all sizes

With virtually no exposure to the elements, Seafreeze is able to quickly load and unload reefer vessels (trampers), refrigerated containers, refrigerated railcars and trucks. The services we offer include upload services for dry and temperature controlled bulk shipments. For our West Coast-based customers alone, for instance, we currently load between 40 and 90 high-capacity refrigerated rail cars each year.

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F: +1.401.295.5825

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